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Best Friendship Quotes

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Best Friendship Quotes Quotes

Friendship is a relationship of mutual understanding inwhich friends communicate and share thoughts and ideas, gossip, or even confidein them with secrets. Friendship is a relation of trust and nothing less. Oneshould always be honest with friends, no matter what the situation is.

John Lennon said in his real friend's quote,

“Beinghonest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the rightones.”

Friends spend time, give us company when we are alone, and are always ready to help us in trouble. On the life journey, one meets manypeople with different natures. We are influenced by some because of their thoughtsand the way they spend time with us. This may lead to a long lasting friendshipwhich may change the course of life altogether.

Robert Louis Stevenson said in his followingquoted true friendship quotes,

“Weare all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find inour travels is an honest friend.”

Friends in our life are like helpers they come into ourlife, play their roles and move on. Not all friends arein the same place. Some are far apart like in other countries but this distancedoesn’t affect our friendship.

A famous writer Helen Keller writes many quotesabout friendship one of her true friendship quote is as follows,

“Truefriends never apart maybe in distance but never in heart”

Good friends are like angels they encourage us when weare hurt. Friendship is like a bond between peoples. And the strength of thisbond can vary. If this bond is very strong between two people then they arecalled best friends. Best friendship quotes are available on this page.

A famous radio host, Bernard Meltzer said in his bestfriend quote,

“Atrue friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knowsthat you are slightly cracked.”

In any relationship, it is important to communicateclearly what you are feeling it increases understanding. To be a good frienddon’t expect too much because expectations are always two-sided. If you expecttoo much from others then others will also do the same. To be judgmental isalso a drawback to a good friendship. Man learns from his mistakes so neverjudge their past actions.

Rob Hill Sr. said in his following quote,

“IDon't Force Friendships or Communication. If it’s not mutual, I'll let it go.It's that simple for me.”

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