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New year's day is every man's birthday.

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"[Re: Valentine's Day cards] On these little visual interpretations, no emblem is so common as the heart, — that little three-cornered exponent of all our hopes and fears, — the bestuck and bleeding heart ; it is twisted and tortured into more... Read More "

Charles Lamb
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No one ever regarded the first of January with indifference.

Charles Lamb
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Not many sounds in life, and I include all urban and all rural sounds, exceed in interest a knock at the door.

Charles Lamb
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"I love to lose myself in other men's minds. When I am not walking, I am reading, I cannot sit and think. Books think for me. "

Charles Lamb
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"Think what you would have been now, if instead of being fed with tales and old wives' fables in childhood, you had been crammed with geography and natural history!"

Charles Lamb
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Don't introduce me to that man! I want to go on hating him, and I can't hate a man whom I know.

Charles Lamb
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The greatest pleasure I know is to do a good action by stealth, and to have it found out by accident.

Charles Lamb
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I am determined that my children shall be brought up in their father's religion, if they can find out what it is.

Charles Lamb
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I counsel thee, shut not thy heart, nor thy library.

Charles Lamb
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We grow gray in our spirit long before we grow gray in our hair.

Charles Lamb
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A sweet child is the sweetest thing in nature.

Charles Lamb
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In everything that relates to science, I am a whole Encyclopedia behind the rest of the world.

Charles Lamb
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