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William Faulkner

Nationality: American
Profession: Writer, a famous novelist and a popular playwright
From: September 25, 1897 To July 6, 1962
65 Years

AboutWilliam Faulkner

A great American writer, a famous novelist and a popular playwright who gained the Nobel Prize from Oxford Mississippi in literature. William Faulkner was born in September 25, 1897 at New Albany, Mississippi. He writes many short stories, poetry, plays, novels and number of screen plays. Faulkner was also well known because of his short stories and novels that were based on Lafayette Country, Mississippi, he spent most of his time there. He was the one of the most calibrated writers in Southern literature and American Literature Specifically. In 1919 his first work was published. He was not just well known until receiving the Nobel Prize in 1949 in literature, he gained the much popularity because he was the first Nobel Prize winner of Mississippi. He got much fame because of his two works “A Fable” that was published in 1954 and his last novel named “The Revivers” that was published in 1962. He gained much popularity and won Pulitzer Prize for Fiction after writing these novels. A great library named Modern Library ranked his novels in the list of top hundred best English novels of 20th century in 1998. His novels were included in the list of top hundred English language novel his novel The Sound and the Fury was on the sixth number in this list. After gained his early education he earned the degree of bachelors in literature from Yale and University of Mississippi. He was able to attend classes at the University because his father was business manager there. Because of this he skipped the collage and gained the D grade in English. Faulkner published many short stories and thirteen novels he earned the Nobel Prize because of his unbelievable abilities and much interest in his work at the age of fifty-two years. He was much famous because of his novels named The Sound and the Fury that was published in 1929 As I Lay Dying that was published in 1930 Light in August that was published in 1932 and Absalom; Absalom that was published in 1936he was a prolific writer of the short stories. Faulkner short story named Arose for Emily was the first story that was published in Major magazines. He was an extensive writer, famous poet and best author who have the nationality of America and his language is English his notable award is Nobel Prize for Literature in 1949. He write many books, novels and quotes for his readers in every category like Love, Life, Positive, Inspiring, Motive and about family that is great source of popularity for him . He said in his famous quote: “Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” This great author was the need of the time and king of his profession. But now he is not with us he died on 6 July 1962 due to heart attacks at the age of 64 years.

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