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St .Jerome

Nationality: Rome
Profession: Author, Priest and Confessor
From: March 27, 347 To September 30, 420
73 Years

AboutSt .Jerome

The great author, Priest and Confessor of time who is well known because of his unbelievable abilities to translate any language into other he translated the bible into Latin he also writes the commentaries on Gospels. His writing list was very extensive. Who was the popular and famous author named Jerome was born at Stridon on 27 March 347. Stridon was a village there is situated near the Emona on border of Pannonia. Jerome had learned the Latin and Greek and he have a total skill on these languages. He was great scholar and philosopher of his time. Jerome knew the Hebrew after starting the language translation project. In 382 he began correcting the existing Latin language version of Vetus Latina. After introduced himself as a scholar then he struggled to make himself a great historian. He was great and popular in all his missions he writes number of books, short stories and quotes. He leaded the humanity with good method and helped the peoples throw his writings in every field of life we can gain light from his literature the advice of elders can improved as the way of success for us like Jerome said in his famous motivational quote: “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. 'Till your good is better and your better is best” He also writes the many great meaningful books for her readers like Against Jovinianus, Jerome commentary and commentary on Daniel. This great man died on 30 September 420.

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