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Robert Benchley

Nationality: American
Profession: Writer, Critic and Film actor
From: September 15, 1889 To November 21, 1945
56 Years

AboutRobert Benchley

A great American humorist who was a great writer, famous critic and the popular film actor by occupation. He was well known because of his work for the films as an actor and also a newspaper columnist he write many short films essays and articles his humor style of writing make him respected and successful in all fields of his life this great author was the Robert Charles Benchley Who was born in 15 September 1889 at Worcester Massachusetts U.S. He gained his early education from the school of Worcester and he was also involved in traveling theatrical and academic productions during his high school time. Benchley was a well remainder, active and a creative student after completing his metric education he attended the Harvard University with financial help in 19089. He was well known because of his abilities in English language he was well known in his school and collage also because of his talent and humor style to do any work he have very impressive personality in his classmates and professors’ his performances’ gave him a local fame in many meetings and due to his talent. He also does work for the film industry he did work for a long time in various films he also did work for the New York.

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