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Roald Dahl

Nationality: British
Profession: Novelist, Story writer, Poet, Screenwriter and Author
From: September 13, 1916 To November 23, 1990
Age: 74 Years

About Roald Dahl

A great British novelist, best story writer, famous poet, popular screenwriter and great author who is best known because he was a fighter pilot Roald Dahl was born in 13 September 1916 at UK. He was best known because of his great meaningful books that were famous because of his unbelievable abilities in his work his books are sailed in two hundred fifty million copies worldwide. Dhal did work in royal air force in the Second World War. He was also well known because he was a great intelligence officer and a best flying ace also a famous wing commander. He started work as a writer in 1940s he did work first of all for children and adults because of his much interest and unbelievable abilities in his work he counted in one of bestselling authors. He was the best storytellers for the children of 20th century and gained many awards in literature including the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement, children author of the year and British book Awards in 1983. His name was on the 16th number since 1945 in the list of fifty greatest British Writers. He was get fame because of his great short stories his stories are known for their unexpected and meaningful endings. Dahl started his process of education from Cathedral School. After few times he transferred to boarding School at the England his parents want to educate him from English public school. In 1929 Dahl attended the Repton School at Derbyshire. He started his writing career from his novel named a piece of cake that was so inspiring and published in 1 August 1942. He writes many books for children his famous children book was The Gremlins that was published in 1943. Dhal was successful writer of short stories because of surprise endings and dark sense of humor. He gained Edgar Award from Mystery Writers of America because of his unbelievable abilities in his work he also wrote for American magazines like Colliers, Harpers, Playboy and Ladies Home Journal. He wrote above sixty short stories he was much famous because of his work. Dhal gained three awards first of all for the collocation someone Like You in 1954, second is for his story named The Landlady in 1959 and third one is for a episode of Tales Of the Unexpected in 1980 that was based on the skin. He was an extensive author, best American writer and a novelist he wrote a number of books, Quotes about every category of life that is a source of great guidance for us. He said in her famous Love quote that: “If my books can help children become readers, then I feel I have accomplished something important.” This great author who was well known because of his work for his readers but know he is not with us Roald Dahl was died on 23 November 1990 because the disease of rare cancer of blood in 1990 at the age 74 years.

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