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Nancy Pelosi

Nationality: American
Profession: Politician, Author
From: March 26, 1940 To ,
-1940 Years

AboutNancy Pelosi

Pelosi was born on 26th of March 1940, in Baltimore. Her father name was Thomas "Tommy" J. D'Alesandro Jr. who was a popular local politician from the Little Italy section of Baltimore, Maryland. His father won the election to the U. S. House of representatives just a year before the birth of Pelosi. Her mother name was Annunciata M. Lombardi. The family lived on Albemarle Street in Little Italy. Her father was elected as mayor of city when she was only seven years old. Most of her childhood and teens she was known as mayor's daughter. Her family is pure catholic so her mother wants her daughter to enter the Church's religious orders but Pelosi was not interested in it.

Pelosi's early family life was restricted. She went to Institute of Notre Dame High School in Baltimore. And then for college studies her parents permitted her to travel only as far as Washington, D.C. She went to Trinity College, a Roman Catholic college for women and earned her degree from there.

After earning her degree from Trinity College she got married to Paul Pelosi who was a recent Georgetown University graduate and a native of San Francisco. The couple settled in New York where Paul Pelosi was a banker. The couple had 1 son Paul Pelosi, Jr. and 4 daughters Alexandra Pelosi, Christine Pelosi, Nancy Corinne Pelosi and Jacqueline Pelosi.

From an early age she was interested in politics. In beginning Pelosi was a member of the House Baltic Caucus. In 2001, Pelosi was elected the House Minority Whip. On November 16, 2006, Pelosi was unanimously chosen by her caucus as the Democratic candidate for Speaker, effectively making her Speaker-elect. In 2009 Pelosi was re-elected Speaker. On January 3, 2019 she was formally re-elected to the speakership.

She is a politician but she is also a good author she wrote many quotes on various topics. Her most interesting quote is given below,

“Don't underestimate your opponent, but don't overestimate them, either.”

She is now alive and the now she is the 52nd Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

Best Quotes Of Nancy Pelosi