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Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Nationality: Pakistan
Profession: Politician and Barrister
From: December 25, 1876 To September 11, 1948
72 Years

AboutMuhammad Ali Jinnah

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born on December 25, 1876 at Wazir Mansion situated in Karachi. His nationality was British India from 1876 to 1947 and Pakistan from 1947 to 1948. He was a Politician and Barrister by occupation. His father name was Poonja Jinnah and his mother name was Mithibai Jinnah. His father was a merchant. He married to his cousin Emibai when she was 14 years old to compile his mother wishes. After some time of his marriage Muhammad Ali Jinnah left for England to engage in higher academic studies and a few months later from this departure Emibai died. At the age of 40 years he took Rattanbai Petit (1900–1929) as his second wife on April 19, 1918 over her own wish. His only daughter name was Dina Wadia. He started his Early education, When he was living with his aunt in Bombay he attended the Gokal Das Tej Primary School there, later on studied at the Cathedral and John Connon School. In Karachi, he attended the Sindh-Madrasa-tul-Islam and the Christian Missionary Society High School. He gained his matriculation from Bombay University at the high school. In 1892 at the offer of Sir Frederick Leigh Croft Jinnah accepted a London apprenticeship. Soon after this he arrival in London, Jinnah gave up the business apprenticeship in order to study law from Lincoln's Inn in The British Republic. At the age of 20, Jinnah started  his practice in law, in Bombay. He was the only Muslim barrister in Bombay city. In 1907 He gained fame as a lawyer for skilled handling of “Caucus Case”.  Jinnah spent most of his time on Law practice but along with he was also involved in politics he began his political career in December 1904 by attending Congress’s twentieth annual meeting. In the beginning of his political career he was a great supporter of Hindu-Muslim unity. Soon he had realized and known about the Indian’s double-face intentions. In 1916 he was the president of Muslim League. In 1940 He had come to believe that Muslims of the Indian subcontinent should have their own state and the following year he passed the Lahore Resolution. He struggled a lot and finally on 14 August, 1947 Pakistan became independent country. As the first Governor-General of Pakistan, Jinnah worked to establish the new nation's government and policies, and to aid the millions of Muslim migrants who had emigrated from the India to newly born Pakistan after independence, he was personally supervising the establishment of refugee camps. He is revered in Pakistan as Quaid-i-Azam and Baba-i-Qaum. Several universities and public buildings in Pakistan bear Jinnah's name. He would always remain for Pakistan's the greatest leader. His most famous quote is given below,“Work, work and work and we are bound to success.” This was only Knew by his beloved sister Fatimah Jinnah and some most close people that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was suffered from tuberculosis from the 1930s, tuberculosis demands some certain health cures but Jinnah in case of his ”Free State Pakistan” didn’t take care of himself. He worked with great passion for Pakistan's union. At night at 10:20 pm , on the day when doctors shifted him to Karachi for better treatment, he got died. He enjoyed 71 years of his life, but only one year in his beloved country "The Pakistan". His tomb is in coastal city Karachi on M.A.Jinnah road in Sindh province in Pakistan. He died on 11 September 1948. May Allah Almighty award him paradise.

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