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Mehmet Murat ildan

Nationality: Turkish
Profession: Playwright and Novelist
From: May 16, 1965 To ,
-1965 Years

AboutMehmet Murat ildan

Mehmet Murat ildan was born on 16 May 1965 in Elazig. Due to his fathers occupation, he continued his studies in Ankara. In 1982 he finished his high school by Ankara Private Yenisehir College. In English Preparatory School in Ankara at the Middle East Technical University – METU he spent one year and then in Gaziantep city campus of university he took courses from the Department of Electronics in 1983. And then in 1988 he obtained B.Sc. degree in Economics with “Certificate of Honour” and the following year he also obtained a Turkish Government Scholarship by the Ministry of Education for Master and Ph.D. degrees in European Union Economics. Then in 1990 he took many courses from different universities and then in 1991, he got Master of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Essex in England.

He started his literary career by writing a book Bright Candles which was published in Turkey in 1995. And in 1998 he wrote many stories for almost six months. From 2000 he started writing plays and become a popular professional writer. He has published 7 plays and 25 stories. His most appreciated novels are “Antiquary Arago’s Diary,” “Roses underneath Paris” and “The First Sorrows of Young Werther” and his story book “Lovers of Samos Island” have also been published. 
He is an extensive writer. He is very popular because of his writing style. He got many award for his work like he got the “Best Play Award” due to his most popular play “Eyes of Magic” in 2000. He is a great author and novelist. He wrote many quotes on various topics. 
One of his best quotes about reality of life is as follows,
“The most precious light is the one that visits you in your darkest hour!”
This great author is the need of our new generation for guidance through his deep sense quotes and he is now alive.

Best Quotes Of Mehmet Murat ildan