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Marguerite Annie Johnson

Nationality: American
Profession: Singer, Memoirist, Poet
From: April 4, 1928 To May 28, 2014
86 Years

AboutMarguerite Annie Johnson

A great American singer, a popular novelist, famous memoirist, poet and a great civil rights activates Marguerite Annie Johnson was born in 4 April 1928 at Missouri U.S. Her pen name is Maya Angelou. she did many notable works like she write the books of essays ,books of several beautiful poetries, many plays and a number of movies and televisions shows also she was very brilliant lady that’s way she is successful and gained the popularity in public very soon she was very famous in her all professions because of her unbelievable abilities in her work she gained a number of awards and honorary degrees she was best known because of her series of seven autobiographies which is result of her focus on her work in her childhood and early adult. She was recognized in international acclaim at the age of 17 years due to her first song” I know why the caged bird sings” that was the great source of her popularity in public. She achieved herself as a great author, a famous writer and great memoirist. She was also well known as a famous actor, director and also a plays producer. Her songs gave her popularity in public due to her great work she is respected in all peoples her work is used in universities and schools worldwide. Her work was for defense of black culture. She was a great actress, singer and a famous writer her subject was Memoir and Poetry she was a writer, civil rights activist and a poet by occupation, her notable works was I know why the caged bird sings and the other one is that on the pulse of morning. As we know she was great producer she produce a Georgia, Georgia, a Swedish American film this was the first movie that’s writer was a black women this movie is released in 1972. She also writes many other films that gave her great popularity. She was also a famous author and quote writer she wrote many great quotes for the humanity that we can use in every field of life. She said in her famous positive quote; “If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude” This great lady was died on morning of 28 May 2014.at the age of 86 years in north Caroline.

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