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Lydia Davis

Nationality: American
Profession: Author, Novelist and Writer
From: July 15, 1947 To , -
-1947 Years

AboutLydia Davis

A great American writer, a famous author, best novelist and popular essayist who is brilliant in doing the translation from French and many other languages also she did the several translations of literary , French and Classics including the Madame Bovary by Gustavo Flaubert and Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust. This great lady is Lydia Davis she was born in 15 July 1947 at Northampton, Massachusetts U.S. now she is 70 years old and she has the nationality of America. She is daughter of great Critic and a professor of English named Robert Gorham Davis and a popular short story writer, best memoirist and hard working teacher named Hope Hale Davis. Davis studied first of all music Piano and then Violin Davis’s first love was music. Davis said about herself I want to achieve myself as writer but it was not my first love. She gained her education from Barnard college during her time of studies she writes poetry. Davis married in 1974 with Paul Aster but this marriage is not successful for much time Paul gave Divorce to Davis from this marriage Davis gave birth to a child named Daniel. Now she is married with an Artist named Alan Cote she have son from her marriage. Davis is now the professor at University at Albany of creative writing. Davis started her writing career from collection of six fiction including Break it Down that was published in 1986, Thirteen Woman’s and other stories that was published in 1976. In 2007 Davis’s recent collections was varieties of disturbance that was selected for National books award from the Farrar Straus and Giroux. She has also translated Flaubert, Blanchet, Michel Lairs, and other French writers. She was also selected for winner of Man Booker International Prize in 22 May 2013. Now this time she is counted in most popular and fresh minded authors of the world. She gained a number of awards due to her unbelievable abilities in her work like Whiting Award for fiction in 1988, Award of the Best American Short Story writer in 1997, Guggenheim Fellowship in 1998, Lennon Literary Award for Fiction in 1998, Mac Authors fellows Program in 2003. She is an extensive writer and author as we know her father was also a writer so it is said that literature is in her blood she writes many books, novels, numbers of short stories and quotes for us. Davis said in her famous quote for her readers that; “I looked like a woman in glasses, but I had dreams of leading a very different kind of life, the life of a woman who would not wear glasses, the kind of woman I saw from a distance now and then in a bar.” This great author was the king of her profession and need of the time the nation who have these types of personalities cannot be fail and never destroyed due to light of their elders. She is alive may God give her great success.

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