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John Galsworthy

Nationality: British
Profession: Author, Playwright and Novelist
From: August 14, 1867 To January 31, 1933
66 Years

AboutJohn Galsworthy

John Galsworthy was born 14 August 1867 who was the modern citizen of British. He was a writer by occupation. 

John Galsworthy’s family was well established because of their property that was known as Kingston the area of southwest in greater Landon England this is now the place of three great schools. 
John gained his education form Harrow new collage Oxford there he completed the second law in 1989 after this he trained as barrister in 1890 of called to the bar. He continued his practice and also traveled in other countries for his family business of shipping in these travels he meet with Joseph Conrad who was the sailing-ship moored of Australia these two novelists of future was become close friends. 
Galsworthy’s first published work name was a Form the Four Winds in 1897 which is the collection of short stories this subsequent work of John was published under Pen name of the John Sinjohn. In 1904 he started publishing under his name. The silver box was the first play of John who was the source of great popularity for John his first novel was published in 750 editions. He writes many novels and plays that were giving him a great popularity in public he was an extensive writer. He writes many meaningful books for us that are the source of total guidance for humans to gain their light in every field of life. His great famous books were a poor Devil and a Forsyte trilogy. He was best well known because of plays his most famous plays was the skin game was arrived in 1920 and another play Strife was arrive in 1909. John was also best known because his ability in write the great popular novels his famous novel was a the Forsyte Saga in these novel he discussed the deal with social class, upper middle class lives and sympathetic to characters. He was a great writer of his time he writes many quotes also about every category he write in their famous love quote that;

“Love has no age, no limit; and no death”

He spends final years of their life in Bury he died in age of 65 years at 31 January 1933 in his home in Landon.

John Galsworthy A great author, playwright and an English novelist who did notable works for literature and gained the Nobel Prize in literature in the 1932. 

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