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Jenn Proske

Nationality: American
Profession: Actress, Author and Writer
From: August 8, 1987 To , -
-1987 Years

AboutJenn Proske

Jenn proske is a Canadian American Actress, a popular author and the great famous writer of the land of Canada. Jennifer Proske was born on 8 August 1987 at Toronto. <div>At the age of four years she went to U.S and grew up there in California Orange Country. There she involved in stage show for children. She got her education from Australia where she worked at Sydney Theater Company. She graduated from the Boston University College of Fine Arts in Acting and Theater Arts. She was well known because of her unbelievable abilities in all creative activities of life she was also a good dancer. She performed in many famous movies like beauty and beast, house of lies, major crimes and the sexting in suburbia. </div><div>Proske gained an award in 2010 category of best new actress because of her creative performance in Beverly Hills film and TV Festival as well as she is also a writer so she write the many meaningful books for us and she also write many quotes in all categories like love, life, positive, motive, inspiring, and relationship etc.she said in her famous and beautiful love quote: </div><div>“Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out” </div><div>This great lady is now live God gives her great success and all happiness of her life.</div>

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