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Henry Youngman

Nationality: American
Profession: comedian, musician
From: March 16, 1906 To February 24, 1998
92 Years

AboutHenry Youngman

Youngman was born to a Jewish family in London, England. Hisfamily moved to Brooklyn, New York, when he was a child. When he was a baby,Youngman started his professional career as a printer in a small store. He grewup in New York City, and began as a, where he wrote comedy card containingone-line gags. The comedy cards were discovered by up-and-coming comedianMilton Berle, who encouraged Youngman and formed a close friendship with him.Berle said about him, the only thing funnier than Henny's jokes is his violinplaying.  Naturally funny, he moonlightedin show business as the leader of a band called the Swanee Syncopaters. Berleliked what he read, and a lifelong friendship developed. Youngman, despite allthe jokes about his wife, had a happy marriage that only ended when Sadie diedin 1987. A big break came in Youngman's career, when he was booked on thepopular Kate Smith radio show in 1937. Never really making it in films, hisnightclub career soared. His trademark, rapid-fire one-liners, with violin inhand, put him in a league of his own. In the 1960s, he enjoyed renewedpopularity after appearances on the hip Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (1967).Youngman wrote a number of books comprised of his short jokes i.e. Take my wifeplease!, take this book please! Henry   Youngman’sBig Book of Insults, The World's Worst Jokes, insults for everyone . Thecomedic legend died in 1998 at the age of 92 of complications from the flu.

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