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Henry Kissinger

Nationality: American
Profession: Actor, Teacher, Author
From: May 27, 1923 To ,
-1923 Years

AboutHenry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger was born on 27th of May 1923 in Furth, Bavaria, Germany.  His father name was Louis Kissinger and his mother name was Paula Stern Kissinger. He has two children with his former wife, Ann Fleischer, whom he divorced in 1964. Then he married philanthropist Nancy Maginnes in 1974.

Kissinger enrolled at New York's George Washington High School, where he learned English with remarkable speed and excelled in all of his classes. Kissinger graduated from high school in 1940 and continued on to the City College of New York, where he studied to become an accountant. In 1947 he returned to the United States and then he was admitted to Harvard University to complete his undergraduate coursework. In 1950 Kissinger's senior thesis completed. After completing his graduation summa cum laude in 1950, Kissinger decided to remain at Harvard to pursue a Ph.D. in the Department of Government. In 1954 he received his doctorate degree; Kissinger accepted an offer to stay at Harvard as a member of the faculty in the Department of Government.

Then in 1969 he left Harvard and served as a national security adviser from 199-75 and the he served as secretary of state from 1973-77. Henry Kissinger stands out as the dominant American statesman and foreign policymaker of the late 20th century. He has received many awards, including the Guggenheim Fellowship (1965-1966), the American Institute for Public Service Award (1973), the International Platform Association Theodore Roosevelt Award (1973) and the Hope Award for International Understanding (1973).

He is also an actor his most famous movies are The Trials of Henry Kissinger and Last Days in Vietnam. He is also a great author he wrote many quotes o various topics. One of his best quotes is given below,

“Each success only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem.”

He is now 95 years old and alive. May God give him a great success in every field of life. 

Best Quotes Of Henry Kissinger