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Harper Lee

Nationality: American
Profession: Novelist
From: April 28, 1926 To February 19, 2016
90 Years

AboutHarper Lee

Harper Lee, an American Novelist was born in April 28, 1926 in Monroeville, Alabama. Her birth name was Nelle Harper Lee and she grew up in Monroeville, Alabama. Harper was a young lady with an agile personality.

Her father name was Amasa Coleman Lee and mother name was Frances Cunningham Finch. Her father was a lawyer and also ran a local newspaper. She never married nor had children.

She developed interest in English literature when she was enrolled at Monroe County High School. She graduated from high school in 1944 and then she attended Huntingdon College in Montgomery for a year. Then for studying law for several years she transferred to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa but did not complete a degree.

In 1949 she moved to The New York city and took a job as an airline reservation agent and she also wrote fiction in her spare time. She wrote her first novel "To Kill a Mockingbird," during her job as an airline reservation agent which was published in 1960 and won a Pulitzer Prize. The characters of this novel are based on Lee's observations of her family and neighbors.

From the publication of her novel until her death she doesn’t granted any interview. She did not appear on television and did not give interviews to protect her privacy and spoke through her literary agents. She was an extensive writer. Lee was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2007.

She also wrote many books and quotes on different topics. Most famous quote is given below,

“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.”

She was died on 19th February, 2016 at the age of 89.

Best Quotes Of Harper Lee