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Gillian Flynn

Nationality: American
Profession: Author, a comic book writer and Novelist
From: February 24, 1971 To , -
-1971 Years

AboutGillian Flynn

A famous American screenwriter, a popular author, a comic book writer and the best novelist Gillian Flynn was born on February 24, 1971 in the Kansas City who is the state of Missouri. She belonged to an educated family her mother was the professor of reading-comprehension and her father was also a professor of Film named Edwin Matthew Flynn. She found escape in reading and writing Flynn’s father takes her to watch horror movies when she was growing up. Flynn completed her graduation from the Bishop Miege High School in 1989. After she completing her graduation she went to University of Kansas there she did undergraduate in journalism and English. 

She spent her two years of life in California, writing for a trade magazine for the human resources. Then she moved to Chicago to complete her education of master’s degree from the Northwestern University at its Medill school of journalism in 1997 she wanted to work as a reporter of the police, but she just focus on her own writing and she discovers that she had aptitude for the reporting of the police. After completing graduation from northwestern she worked as U.S News and World reporter. In short time she was counted in the famous journalisms of the country. 
She worked hard and God also give her the gift of her work she gained many awards in many categories Alliance of woman film journalists award, Austin film critics association and a Edgar award. She was extensive writer she writes many meaningful books for humans as well as the quotes in every category of life that can give us total goodness in every field of life she said in her famous positive quote: 
"Books and movies are kind of my two great loves. I don't have too many other actual hobbies. That's pretty much it." 
This famous writer have a nationality of America she is author, screenwriter and the book write by occupation she is most popular and famous star of the world she is need of time May God will give her a long life and number of success.

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