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George Orwell

Nationality: British
Profession: Novelist, essayist, journalist, critic
From: June 25, 1903 To January 21, 1950
47 Years

AboutGeorge Orwell

A great author and English famous novelist Eric Arthur Blair was born in British India in Motihari, Bihar, at 25 June 1903. His pen name was George Orwell. 

His father worked as an Indian Civil Service in Opium department and Orwell’s mother was from Burma. Eric gained his early education form convent school with his sister Marjorie. Eric’s mother wanted to send him in a public school for education but she cannot pay the high fees of this school she wanted that her children gained the scholarships and continued their processes of education. Because of his unbelievable abilities in his studies and other positive activities Eric’s headmaster helped him to won a scholarship and he helped him financially and he made a private financial arrangement that allowed his parents to pay half fees.
He was a great novelist, popular Essayist and a famous journalist by occupation. He did work for awareness of social injustice. He wrote beautiful poetry, polemical journalism and fiction. Orwell was also best known for his work of Novella Animal Farm. 
Eric also wins several competitions at 1903 and 1904. Eric was a brilliant student but he hated the school during his school time and many years later he writes an easy named “such such were joys” that was published in posthumously. Orwell first meeting with Cyril Connolly at St Cyprian’s who became writer later and published many essays of Orwell many years later as an editor of Horizon. 
He was a popular novelist and famous poet and he was also well known in history of poems he also writes many meaningful poems that was published and becomes popular in very short time he was great author and write many meaningful books, quotes and articles for his readers he was great writer and king of his time he said in his famous quote that: 
“There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them”
He also did work as a teacher at Hawthorns high school this was small private school for boys in Hayes a city of west Landon. Orwell did many notable works for humanity. He was a need of this time but know he is not in this world he died in the university college hospital at Landon on 21 January 1950 due to diagnosis of tuberculosis at the age of 47 years.

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