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George Bernard Shaw

Nationality: Irish
Profession: Critic, Playwright, Polemicist, Author
From: July 26, 1856 To November 2, 1950
94 Years

AboutGeorge Bernard Shaw

A great Irish critic, playwright, polemicist, author and a political activist George Bernard Shaw was born in 26 July 1856 at Portobello, Dublin, Ireland. 

He wrote a number of books and above sixty plays and also including other major works like Man and Superman that was published in 1902, Saint Joan that was published in 1923 and other one is Pygmalion that was published in 1912. Due to his sincerity with his work he gained an Award in 1925 Nobel Prize in Literature. In 1876 Shaw went to Landon where he straggled for himself he wants to achieve herself as novelist and a writer he also straggled to educate himself with self-education in the mid-1880s he achieved himself as respected and a great music critic. He become a most prominent pamphleteer after joining the Gradualist Fabian society Shaw write many plays for gaining success in public. He also write many screen plays he write a screen play for a movie named Version of Pygmalion due to his unbelievable work in this screen play he gained an Academy Award. He became very popular and famous in public due to his sincerity and hard working. He belongs to a respected, honest and educated family. His family give him good society and environment so that he achieved himself as a good personality he achieved himself as a good writer he was a Playwright, polemicist, political activist and a critic he have the nationality of British from 1856 and 1950 his resting places are Ayot St Lawrence, Hertfordshire, England and Shaw’s corner he write the numbers of books, novels and screen plays that give him great popularity in public authors, film directors and his readers his books and quotes are the great source of gaudiness and attainable light for his readers he said in his famous positive quote: 
“When a man wants to murder a tiger he calls it sport; when a tiger wants to murder him he calls it ferocity” 
This great author was the king of his profession and need of the time the nation who have these types of personalities cannot be fail and never destroyed due to light of their elders but know these types of personalities are less in the world Shaw is also not in this world he died on 2 November 1950 at Ayot St Lawrence at the old age of 94 years.

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