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Arthur Schopenhauer

Nationality: German
Profession: Philosopher and Teacher
From: February 22, 1788 To September 21, 1860
72 Years

AboutArthur Schopenhauer

ArthurSchopenhauer was a German philosopher born on 22 February 1788, in the city ofDanzig. Schopenhauer'sfather name was Heinrich Floris Schopenhauer who was a wealthy merchant and hismother was Johanna, who later became famous for her novels, essays, andtravelogues.In 1797 hewas sent to live with the family of his father's business associate, he enjoyedto stay there and learned to speak French language fluently. 

In 1799 he startedplaying flute. In 1803 he joined hisparents again on their long tour of Holland, Britain, France, Switzerland,Austria and Prussia, he spent twelve weeks of the tour attending a school inWimbledon where he was very unhappy and appalled by very strict religiosity. 

He didn'thave good relations with his mother and their relationship deteriorated evenfurther due to their temperamental differences after the death of his fatherand he didn't live with his mother and moved to ‘Weimar’. Then heconcentrated on his very well going studies and he also enjoyed the usualsocial life such as balls, parties and theater. He left Weimar became a studentat the University of Gottingen in 1809. 

During his time at the university healso continued his flute playing. He arrived to the newly founded University ofBerlin for the winter semester for the years 1811 to 1812. Schopenhauerhad a wide range of interests from science to opera to occultism andliterature.

Schopenhauerremained the most influential German philosopher until the First World War. Hisphilosophy was a starting point for the new generation of philosophers.His writing on aesthetics, morality,and psychology exert had and have important influence on thinkers and artiststhroughout the 19th and 20th centuries. 

He also wrote many quotes on differenttopics like happiness, motivational, music wisdom and his most liked quotes are intelligence quotes. One of his best truth quote is given below,

“Truth thatis naked is the most beautiful, and the simpler its expression the deeper isthe impression it makes.” 

He was diedon 21 September 1860 at the age of 72.

Best Quotes Of Arthur Schopenhauer