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Nationality: Greek
Profession: Scientist, Philosopher and quote writer
From: --Month-- , 384 To , 322
-62 Years


The great famous scientist and a Greek philosopher was born in the city Stagira situated in the north classical Greece. Named Aristotle who is considered as “The father of western philosophy” was the son of Nicomachus who was died in Aristotle’s childhood. At the age of seventeen or eighteen years he joins the Plato Academy. 

He writes in every field of life including zoology, logic poetry, rhetoric physics and biology. He did many good works for humanity in the love of motherland. A library in lyceum established by him helped him to produce many of his hundreds of books. Aristotle life is not well established. In the field of astronomy Aristotle discover the “Milky Way”. 

He was the first man who records any observation about geology. He said that geological change is very slow that’s means it is not observed in one person’s lifetime. Because of his unbelievable abilities in every field of life his working style is so unique than others. He was master in his all works and king of the time he was great scientist, philosopher, author and a writer. He writes a number of books for human beings like Politic, poetics, Rhetoric and on the soul. He also writes many quotes in all categories like love, life friendship, motivational etc.

He also had a great sense of life and also wrote many success quotes. He said in his famous wisdom quote

“Knowing Yourself Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom.”

That great author was died in 322. We need his guidance in our daily life but he is not now with us but we can read his quotes for our guidance. And our site has a collection of very intrusting quotes. It provides you facility to share these quotes with your friends freely on different social media like face book, twitter, whatsapp, instagram etc.

Best Quotes Of Aristotle