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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Nationality: French
Profession: Aviator, writer
From: June 29, 1900 To July 31, 1944
44 Years

AboutAntoine de Saint-Exupéry

In final exams at a preparatory Naval Academy he failed twice and then he entered the École des Beaux-Arts as an auditor to study architecture for 15 months where he again does not completed his graduation and the he started doing odd jobs.

In 1921, Saint-Exupéry began his military service as a basic-rank soldier with the 2e Régiment de chasseurs à cheval and was sent to Neuhof, near Strasbourg. The following year he took flying lessons and was offered a transfer from the French Army to the French Air Force. He was posted to the 37th Fighter Regiment in Casablanca and received his pilot's wings.

Then due to his family objections he left air force and joined an office job and for next few years he worked at several more odd jobs without success. By 196, he was flying again and became a pioneer of international postal flight. In 1929, Saint-Exupéry was transferred to Argentina, where he was appointed director of the Aeroposta Argentina airline.

Along with his job he kept on his writing journey. He was the winner of several of France's highest literary awards and also won the U.S. National Book Award. He is most famous because of his novel “The Little Prince” and for his lyrical aviation writings, including “Wind, Sand and Stars” and “Night Flight”. He also wrote many interesting quotes along with books. His happiness quotes are a great source of popularity for him. One of his famous freedom quotes is as follows,

“I Know But One Freedom, And That Is The Freedom Of Of The Mind.”

He was died on 31 July 1944 at the age of 44.

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