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Ansel Easton Adams

Nationality: American
Profession: Photographer and Conservationist
From: February 20, 1902 To April 22, 1984
Age: 82 Years

About Ansel Easton Adams

Ansel EastonAdams was an American landscape photographer and environmentalist who born inthe Western Addition of San Francisco, California on 20 February 1902. He was theonly child of Charles Hitchcock Adams and Olive Bray Adams. His wife name was VirginiaBest. The couple has two children a daughter named Anne Adams and a son named MichaelAdams. 

Adams was ahyperactive child and prone to frequent sickness and hypochondria. His fatherdecided to remove him from school in 1915 at age 12 because he was dismissedfrom several private schools for being restless and inattentive and then heeducated by private tutors by his father and his aunt Marry. His aunt Mary wasa women suffrage advocate. In 1915 on insisting his father he resumed andcompleted his formal education by attending the Mrs. Kate M. Wilkins PrivateSchool, graduating from eighth grade on June 8, 1917. 

Adams had aloving relationship with his father, but he had a distant relationship with hismother, who did not approve of his interest in photography. At the ageof 12 he became interested in piano and in his later youth music became hismain focus and then for accuracy and perfection his father sent him to pianoteacher Marie Butler. 

After studying four years with teacher Marie Butler, hehad another teacher Henry Cowell. For the next twelve years, the piano wasAdams's primary occupation and by 1920, his intended the profession. Duringsummer, Adams had a habit to enjoy a life of hiking, camping, andphotographing, while the rest of the year he worked to improve his pianoplaying, expanding his piano technique and musical expression. He gave pianolessons for extra income, with which he purchased a grand piano suitable to fulfillhis musical ambitions. Firstly his photographs were published in 1921. In 1952Adams was one of the founders of the magazine ‘Aperture’. 

He wrote books and, he also wrote many quoteson different topics. One from the most famous art quote is given below,

“A Great Photograph Is One That Fully Expresses What One Feels, In The Deepest Sense, About What Is Being Photographed.”

Adams diedat age of 82 on April 22, 1984, in the Intensive-care unit from cardiovasculardisease at the ‘Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula’ in Monterey,California.

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