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Angela Yvonne Davis

Nationality: American
Profession: Political activist, academic, and author
From: January 26, 1944 To , -
-1944 Years

AboutAngela Yvonne Davis

AngelaYvonne Davis is an American political activist, academic, and author who bon on26 January 1944 in Birmingham, Alabama. She was a black American Her fathername was Frank Davis and her mother name was Sallye Davis. Her former spousewas Hilton Braithwaite and she doesn’t have any child.

Davisattended Carrie A. Tuggle School, a segregated black elementary school, andlater, Parker Annex, a middle-school branch of Parker High School inBirmingham. Her intellectualdevelopment was influenced by communist organizers and thinkers because shegrew up in them. She was involved in her church youth group as a child, andattended Sunday school regularly. She also participated in the Girl Scouts 1959national roundup in Colorado. Davis was awarded with scholarship to BrandeisUniversity in Waltham, Massachusetts, where she was one of three black studentsin her freshman class. She also dida part time job to earn enough money to travel to France and Switzerland beforeshe attended the eighth World Festival of Youth and Students in Helsinki,Finland.

She is aneducator, author and social activist by occupation. She is a professor emerita atthe University of California, Santa Cruz, in its History of Consciousness Department.She is also a former director of the university's Feminist Studies department. Sheis a supporter of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign againstIsrael. 

Davis haswritten several books. She also wrote many quotes on different topics likefriendship, life, love, feminism and motivation. Her most readable quotes are politics quotes. One of his most interesting feminine quote is as follows,

“I’m afeminist so I believe in inhabiting contradictions. I believe in makingcontradictions productive, not in having to choose one side or the other side. Asoppose to choosing either or, choosing both.”

She is now alive. May God give her great successin every field of her life.

Best Quotes Of Angela Yvonne Davis