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Amy Tan

Nationality: American
Profession: Writer, Novelist and Memoirist
From: February 19, 1952 To , -
-1952 Years

AboutAmy Tan

A great American writer, famous novelist and a big memoirist Amy Tan born in February 19, 1952 at Oakland, California U.S. She is a Chinese experienced writer her novels are used in movies also her work gave her great popularity in public her most famous novel was “The Joy Luck Club” that was used to make the movie in 1993 by a movie director Wayne Wang. 

She wrote many other novels that gave her great fame like “The Kitchen God’s Wife”, the “Bonesetter’s Daughter”, “The Hundred Secret sense”, “The Valley of Amazement” and “Saving Fish from Drowning”. Tan also wrote a number of short stories collections of non-fiction essays and novels. Tan also writes the two children books named “The Moon Lady” that was published in 1992 and other one is the “Sagwa”, the Chinese Siamese Cat that was published in 1994 which was used in many series. 

Amy tan won many awards due to her unbelievable abilities in her work. Tan’s father was a Baptist minister and an Electrical engineer who traveled to United State due to his job. 

Amy tan started her early education from Marian A. Peterson High School that is situated in Sunnyvale. She learns there only 1 year. Tan’s father and brother were died due to disease of brain tumors when she was only fifteen years old. After the death of her father and elder brother she moved to Switzerland with her younger brother john Jr. Where she completed her high school education from an institute Monte Rosa, Monteux. During this time period she know about her mother’s another marriage with a man of china from her mother’s previous marriage she have three sisters and one brother her mother left her children at shanghai. On the basis of this incident she wrote her first novel named “The Joy Luck Club”. Amy moved to china in 1987 to meet her four step sisters and brother. After this tan had difficult relation with her mother but her mother want her daughter to spend her life independently. Tan and her mother did not talk to each other for six months than suddenly her dropout from Baptist College and join another collage who selected her mother for her name Linfield College that is situated in Oregon. Tan had received the degree of Bachelors and Masters in Linguistics and English from a San Jose State University that she was joined to follow her boyfriend. 

During her time in school she did many odd jobs like operator bartender, carhop and a pizza maker. She started her writing career form a novel The Joy Luck Club and sixteen other stories that were based on mother daughter pair. She wrote many novels on the basis of mother and daughter love and sisters pairs like “the Kitchen God’s Wife”, “Hundred Secret Senses” and “The Bonesetter’s Daughter”. 

She is an extensive writer she writes many books, novels and quotes for her readers out of which her change quotes are a source of great popularity for her she said in her famous life quote for her readers:

 “God, life changes faster than you think”

She is alive God give her great success in very field of life.

Best Quotes Of Amy Tan