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Ambrose Bierce

Nationality: American
Profession: Author, Soldier, Journalist, Novelist and Satirist
From: June 24, 1842 To , 1914
72 Years

AboutAmbrose Bierce

AmbroseBierce was born on 24 June 1842 in Meigs County, Ohio. He was bornin a poor family. His parents were a literary couple who developed him in agreat love for books and writing. His father name was Marcus Aurelius Bierceand mother name was Laura Sherwood Bierce. Mary Ellen Day was his former spouseand they have one daughter Mary Ellen Day and two sons Leigh Bierce and DayBierce. 

AmbroseBierce attended high school at the county seat, Warsaw. He was a Soldier,Journalist and writer by occupation. He started his military career in 1861 andparticipated with great courage in many battles and received newspaperattention for his daring rescue and specially under fire rescue. In April 1862he fought at the Battle of Shiloh which was a terrifying experience and becamea source for several short stories and the memoir “What I Saw of Shiloh". 

He wasseriously head wounded in June 1864 at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain and was dischargedfrom the army in January 1865. He resumed his military career in mid-1866. Beforeresigning from the Army he was awarded the rank of brevet major in SanFrancisco and became very famous as a contributor or editor of a number oflocal newspapers and periodicals, including “The San Francisco News Letter”, “TheArgonaut”,” the Overland Monthly”, “The Californian” and “The Wasp in SanFrancisco”. 

From 1872 to1875 he wrote and wrote and became most famous in England. His first book"The Fiend's Delight" was published in London during 1873. Hisnotable works are "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge", "TheDeath of Halpin Frayser", "The Moonlit Road", “The Devil'sDictionary” and “Tales of Soldiers and Civilians”. 

He wrote many short stories,poetries, satire, fiction, books and also quotes. One of his famous anger quotes isas follows, 

“Speak whenyou are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” 

This greatpersonality died due to lifelong asthma and his war wounds complications on1914 in Mexico.

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