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Albert Einstein

Nationality: German
Profession: Physicist
From: 3 14, 1879 To 4 17, 1955
76 Years

AboutAlbert Einstein

Albert Einstein a German-born physicist who developed thegeneral theory of relativity was born on 14th of March 1879 in asecular Jewish family. His father, Hermann Einstein, was a salesman andengineer. Albert’s mother, the former Pauline Koch, ran the family household.Einstein had one sister, Maja, born two years after him.

Albert Einstein married Milena Maric on Jan. 6, 1903. Thatsame year the couple had a daughter, Lieserl and after they have two sons Hansand Eduard. The marriage would not be a happy one they divorce in 1919. Andthen in 1919 he married to his cousin, Elsa Löwenthal.

Einstein attended elementary school at the Luitpold Gymnasiumin Munich. He was a poor student, and some of his teachers thought he might beretarded; he was unable to speak fluently at age nine. He began playing theviolin at age six and would continue to play throughout his life. At age twelvehe discovered geometry. Einstein mastered calculus by age sixteen. At the ageof sixteen Einstein's formal secondary education ended. Einstein tried to enterthe Federal Institute of Technology (FIT) in Zurich, Switzerland but he failedbecause he was poor in subjects other then physics and mathematics. Then heagain tried and admitted into the FIT. Einstein passed his examination tograduate from the FIT in 1900.

In 1909, he served as a lecturer at the University of Bern. Twoyears later he was appointed a full professor at the German University inPrague. Within another year-and-a-half Einstein became a full professor at theFIT.

Albert Einstein observed and developed Modern physics one oftwo pillars. He was well known because of his influence work in philosophy ofscience. He discovers the mass-energy equivalence for general public who wasvery famous in the world’s best equations. Einstein played a key role (1939) inthe construction of the atomic bomb. In the beginning of his career he thoughtthe Newtonian mechanics he developed a special theory of relativity in1902-1909 at Switzer land.  Albert writesthe many books about science in physics and other of this kind he also writesmany essays. He wasfamous science books writer his all books were very intrusting and informative. He published the three hundredscientific papers, his books were most famous in all categories he was greatauthor as well as famous quote writer. 

He wrote on many quotes on different topics like inspirational, intelligence, education, future and imagination. He said in his famous imagination quote:

“Logic Will Get You From A To B Imagination Will Take You Everywhere.”

He was died on 17 April 1955. Like other famous authors like Aristotle and William Shakespeare he also wrote many quotes on various topics which are provided on our site. 

Best Quotes Of Albert Einstein