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Abraham Maslow

Nationality: American
Profession: Psychologist
From: April 1, 1908 To June 8, 1970
62 Years

AboutAbraham Maslow

Herarely got along with his mother, and eventually developeda strong revulsiontowards her. He grew up in libraries and among books and itwas here that hedeveloped his love for reading and learning. Maslow attendedthe City College ofNew York after high school and in addition to hisundergraduate course load healso starts attending legal studies classes atnight in 1926 but he was not muchinterested in it so he almost immediatelydropped out. He transferred to Cornellin 1927 but he left after just onesemester due to poor grades and high costs.Then he went to City College forgraduation and went to graduate school at theUniversity of Wisconsin to studypsychology. Maslow's thesis was published astwo articles in 1934 and hecontinued his research at Columbia University onparallel themes. 

From 1937 to1951, Maslow was on the faculty of BrooklynCollege. His family life and hisexperiences influenced his psychological ideas.He had his own ideas on how tounderstand the human mind and he called his newdiscipline humanisticpsychology. 

Hewas an extensive writer and author and he wrote many books like “ATheory ofHuman Motivation”, “Motivation and Personality” and “EupsychianManagement”,1965. He also wrote many quotes ondifferent topics like life,love, friendship, motivation and inspiration. Hismost famous change quote isgivenbelow,

“What is necessary tochange a person is to change his awareness ofhimself.”

Thisgreat author died on 8 June, 1970 at the age of 62 inMenlo Park, California dueto a minor heart attack.

Best Quotes Of Abraham Maslow