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AA Milne

Nationality: Landon
Profession: Author and Writer
From: January 18, 1882 To January 31, 1956
74 Years

AboutAA Milne

Alan Alexander Milne was born in Kilburn Landon at 18 January 1882. He was a great English writer and author. Milne started his education form Westminster school and then went to a Trinity college Cambridge where he studied mathematics’ scholarship. In 1903, he did graduation B.A in mathematics’. 

Then he edited and wrote a student magazine for Gretna .He was best known for his books about teddy bear Winnie-the- pooh and for his beautiful various poems. Milne was also a play writer as well as he joined with a British Army in World War I. And he was also a caption of British Home Guard in world War ll. 

He was very famous because of his two books named pooh love and Love Piglet. AA Milne contributing to humorous versa and whimsical essays’ to punch and then he joined staff and become an assistant editor in 1906. During this time period he writes 18 plays and three novels. A collection of short stories for child’s gallery for children were first published books of Milne in 1925. 

His most intrusting and popular quotes are encouraging quotes. He also wrote on many quotes on many other topics like dream, time, attitude, love education and anniversary. His best history quote is as follows,

"Yesterday Is History, Tomorrow Is A Mystery, But Today Is A Gift. That's Why We Call It The Present."

He writes many other great meaningful books for children and also for elders. He shows great and decent personality. This great man was died on 31 January 1956.

Best Quotes Of AA Milne